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Looking for next-level success, top productivity, a highly engaged team, systems that run themselves, steady cash flow, time freedom, financial freedom, and impact leadership?

You are in the right place! As a Certified Mars Venus Business and Executive Coach, I have the tools, training, and experience to take you and your business to the next level. Business is my expertise, you’re in good hands!

Achieving Your Goals in Business Comes Down To 4 Things


Here’s what I know about you:

  • You are amazing at what you do but your business does not get enough visibility in the crowded and competitive market.
  • You are highly driven and work hard around the clock but have yet to see the results you truly desire.
  • You are giving it 100% but your team is not fully engaged and your revenue and cash flow are not reflecting your efforts.
  • You have a big vision but are having a hard time implementing the framework needed for your business to hit the next level and thrive.
  • You are ready to take your business to the next level and implement strategies that attract a consistent flow of high-paying customers and boost your bottom line.
  • You want to grow your business and learn how to implement systems that allow you to be more productive, spend less time in the office, generate consistent cash flow and have the freedom you deserve and desire.
  • You’re craving A SYSTEM that allows you to serve more people without burning the candle on both ends. You want a business model that allows you to exhale. I know it because I’ve been in your shoes.

When it comes to business there is no need for guessing, trial and error, or spinning your wheels in all directions. Most business owners are working very hard inside their businesses simply hoping to survive. A clear business blueprint takes all the guessing out of the equation and gives you a clear path to success.

As a business coach, I am giving you the road map on how to get “there” – your ultimate SUCCESS destination.

Business is a spiritual game and it grows or shrinks to the size of its owner.

As a Business & Executive Coach, I empower you to find your way back home and take control of your life, your business, your success, your fulfillment, your peace of mind and your future.

We work in a proven, methodical and structural way in an efficient and structured environment driven by clear vision, custom plan, and accountability producing accelerated and measurable results.



Review Mars Venus Coaching Services all designed to evaluate where you are now, where you want to go, and strategies on how to get you there.



This is where we roll up our sleeves and dive into your business!

A key factor for success is a philosophy of making data-driven decisions that measure the financial benefits of proposed changes compared to current practices. This approach takes away the guesswork and natural human bias.
At this stage, we look at your numbers, review your processes and identify gaps, challenges, shortcomings and opportunities for breakthroughs and improvements by using Mars Venus proprietary Assessment Tools.

Key elements of business assessment include:

  • Financial analysis – revenue, cash flow, expenses
  • Measurement of the team engagement, performance and productivity
  • Reviewing marketing, sales and customer acquisition processes
  • Analyzing systems, processes and efficiency

Then we create a clear vision, a plan and action steps with measurable, tangible and achievable targets for your business closing the gap between now and where you want to be.
Our success is the result of over 25 years of hands-on business executive development using sophisticated assessment tools.


The only true competitive advantage in today’s changing market is not just having a business plan, but also having a business road map that can take you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time with the least resources possible.

We will design a custom Action Plan that will serve as your business roadmap with set goals, targets, milestones, timelines and deliverables backed up by the numbers, resources, tools, strategies and actions.

We will use Mars-Venus proprietary goal setting and planning tool to help you achieve your goals and see desired and measurable results strategized through individualized business assessments, data collection, observation and our meetings and strategy sessions.


Goal setting and planning is where the assessment and feedback turn into Action Plan to accomplish the vision and get to the Ultimate Success Destination of your business.
At this stage, we create a strategic list of action steps, tasks and timelines to bridge the gap between where your business is now and where it needs to be.
We will implement and optimize actions and strategies that will set a framework for the consistent growth of your business:

  • We will introduce new methods, practices, systems and procedures that will reduce wasted time and resources and increase efficiency, team performance and cash flow.
  • We will implement strategies that will reduce costs while improving performance and productivity and the bottom line.
  • We will implement actions and strategies that will increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

Sometimes, the biggest growth opportunities don’t come from new initiatives, but rather from taking the core processes the business is already doing and executing them more effectively.

Small incremental improvements made in a few key areas can result in geometric growth for the business as a whole.

Most optimization processes start with what’s termed low-hanging fruit. Those are changes that are easy to identify and implement. These early successes boost confidence. That’s where we’ll begin!


Now that you are equipped with the tools, skills, plan, strategies, professional support and guidance you get to implement and integrate them into your business.

This step involves implementation, evaluation and optimization of your business monitoring the progress, including quantifiable results to evaluate how you’ve addressed your pain points and cultivated growth.

I, as your business coach, will be standing by your side, supporting and guiding you, being your sounding board, helping you make difficult and complex decisions, facilitating learning sessions and holding you accountable to your business commitments while providing ongoing mentorship until your business sees real development and a breakthrough.

We will be evaluating and adjusting the course of actions and optimizing strategies along the way to continue improve productivity and team performance, lower costs and increase profitability.

The cumulative effects of business optimizations are such that the business becomes more efficient, more profitable, and less dependent on the business owner.

Business optimization isn’t a one-off project, but an ongoing process that becomes part of the business culture. In this way, the business will continue to move forward, and remain viable and compatible.

My job is to help you reach your goals & achieve success!



When I came to Canada 25 years ago I didn’t speak English and I didn’t understand the culture. I didn’t have a network of people or family to support me with integration or provide opportunities. But I had a vision, an entrepreneurial drive, a strong work ethic, a thirst for life, and a willingness to work hard and do whatever it takes to succeed.

Leaving my home country Ukraine, a high-level management job, respect, and appreciation of my colleagues, my credentials, degrees, experience, and all other accomplishments that I worked so hard for, now meant absolutely nothing and I had to start everything from scratch.

I put my pride aside and took on any job I could get. My first job in Canada was a cleaner. I scrubbed hallways and bathrooms while intensely learning English and adjusting to the new life and culture.

Being thrown into the vortex of adversity with no backup plan accelerated my growth. Instead of backing down when it got tough, I trailblazed through the challenges, and within a couple of years, I was able to comfortably communicate and function in social and professional settings.

I got involved with my husband’s business which was struggling at the time and put my experience, skills and credentials to work. I started helping with bookkeeping, accounting, organization, management, marketing, leadership, and HR.

The company grew and I moved through a lot of positions and eventually became the COO, the face, and the driving force of the company that grew from a struggling business to a multi-million dollar company dominating the local marketplace.

This success inspired me to start a business consulting company helping other leaders and business owners generate success and collapse time around their accomplishments by avoiding mistakes and following the proven success road map.

While the businesses were thriving another challenge struck. My marriage ended and along with that, I had to shift my entire life.

Once again, I had to start everything over. To help reinvent my personal life I took on a new endeavor and became a gender-intelligent Mars Venus Success Coach.

This transition also shifted the trajectory of my professional life and led me to become a Business & Executive Coach, leading me to continue with my life dream of helping business owners, leaders, and executives achieve their goals, create success, and live fulfilled happy lives.

I have been blessed to work with the most amazing people and had the privilege to be trained by the legendary Dr. John Gray and the CEO of Mars-Venus Coaching Richard Bernstein. This training opened my eyes to what’s possible to create when you have the right tools.

Today, I live a happy, balanced, and fulfilled life. I love what I do and it gives me pure joy and satisfaction to see my clients succeed.

My personal life is thriving, I have the most amazing life partner, a beautiful daughter, and two amazing grandchildren.

What I have learned is that life is a journey of becoming, there is always the next level, and I am here for it all!


After graduating from Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics with a business and accounting degree, I spent 10 years working for a national supply chain organization climbing a corporate ladder from an entry-level bookkeeping clerk to a corporate accounting manager.

Moving to Canada shifted my professional path and ignited my entrepreneurial nature.

My professional journey over the last 20 years includes various business ventures from small businesses to corporate organizations as well as working with individuals.

I have worked in various positions and acquired diverse experience in:

Business, operations, financial, marketing, e-commerce, branding, client services, administrative, life coaching, business coaching, leadership development, team building, effective communication, social media, relationship building, and management of profits and bottom lines.

I’ve held positions of:

Accountant, Business and Marketing Consultant, Office Manager, Corporate Administrator, Sales and Marketing Manager, Life Coach, Success Coach, Business & Executive Coach, and COO of a business delivering extraordinary results to my clients and organizations I worked for.

Today, I am an experienced and accomplished Mars Venus Success Coach working with leaders, business owners, and executives helping them reach their goals and achieve success without compromising the quality of their lives.

I have a vast spectrum of formal and informal education that helps me serve my clients to help them create extraordinary results in their professional, career and personal lives.


National University of Trade and Economics of Ukraine, Kieve, Ukraine

  • Bachelor of Business Management – Majored in Accounting & Business

Mars-Venus Success Coaching, Las Vegas, USA

  • Business & Executive Coaching Certification; Life and Relationships Coaching Certification; Gender Intelligence Education

The University Of Calgary, Calgary, Canada

  • Emerging Leaders Certification that includes: Building Effective Teams; Building Great Customer Relationships; Developing a Healthy Organizational Culture and Team; Leading to Engage Employees; Leading to Inspire; Discovering the Power of Purpose; Leading Yourself and Others Through Change; Managing Virtual and Hybrid Teams; Skills for Effective Mentoring; Strategies for Building and Leading High-Performing Teams; Strategies to Manage Different Client Personalities; Team Survival Skills.

South Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary, Canada

  • Coursework in Accounting and Business that includes: Accounting, Business, Organization, Business Development, Public Relations, Desktop Publishing, Selling and Negotiation, Business Continuity Planning, Building Customer Relationships, Service Quality Standards.


Besides the vast academic knowledge and experience, over the last 15 years, I have been studying success patterns by learning the fundamentals of top human behaviors in the areas of effective communication, relationship dynamics, gender intelligence, emotional intelligence, leadership, and self-mastery.

Landmark Education

  • Self-Expression and Leadership Development Programs; Business Communication; PSI Seminars; Team Mastery

Robbins Research International, Inc.

  • Unleash the Power Within – Transformational leadership program; Date with Destiny – Transformational self-mastery and leadership development program; Life Mastery – Transformational success and results mastery program.

Right Management

  • Career Growth and Career Management Training that includes: Expertise Spans; Talent Assessment; Leadership Development; Organizational Effectiveness; Employee Engagement; Workforce Transition; Managing Organizational Change.


Best Selling Author

Co-authored best-selling book with Dr. John Gray Love & Coaching

Brainz Magazine

Senior Level Executive Contributor, Relationship and Lifestyle Columnist


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